Monday, June 14, 2010

The Kite Runner

I bought the book last week..discounted for MPH members sale..hohoh but havent read it..

i watched the movie online last night. i love the story. it made me cry and i think the novel is better. nxt salary will go directly to the bookstore. perhaps i should buy his second book too. hopefully these two books are good enough and will give me the joy of reading again. yess..i'm going wild...wild about these two's like I WANIT..I WANIT..I WANIT..keep on playing in my head.

perhaps i should stick to my genre. as my niece always questioned...why do you need to read all those serious book? books suppose to make you happy. depends..i read watever i wanted to.
out of the stock in MPH near me so..i'll grab it as soon as i find it

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