Sunday, June 6, 2010

a Day at the Museum

me and Hirumi were at the museum..yes..i dragged her to the National Museum for Coffin Exhibition..she was all excited although a bit scared. i was all awake since morning but took ages to wrap my scarf. we went for heavy breakfast...i gotta stuff my chubby cheeks and empty tummy :) good to feel all full and focus on our educational trip. the coffin exhibition was okay...i expected it to be more than okay. cool anyway to see skeleton in a clay pot. anyway..i was 6 years old the last time i was been loooooooooong time since i kept my brain updated with the historical background of my beloved country. it's all rusted...

the national Museum..always love the mural
Old bike..we had that back in my hometown

The Samurai's Occupation
Croco wonder the rich people needed to be fat and carry the "heavy load"
Thai Coffin with such exotic details
Let me Sit in Peace
Indonesian taking a Buffalo ride..Beware! dont open it

14 carat death
I am sailing to the heaven

Indulging ourselves with ice-cream sandwiches

lemongrass Crab, duck eggs in spicy coconut gravy and some greeny :)

this pic worth 365 days since i havent cooked crab for a year or better keep the pics.

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