Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A teacher's teacher

it's interesting when you finally realised that life is too beautiful to be wasted. there are so many things can be done in your life. me?
i always like to learn and maybe that's the only thing that keep me motivated. learn could be in formal situation or informal. doesnt mean that a well-learnt person is someone who has certificate from learning institution. being a teacher myself..reminding students to keep on learning makin me realised that i should learn too. so alhamdulillah. now, i have a teacher teaching me. the comment that i could give at the moment. LOVE's irony..a teacher for a teacher. im a teacher but with my "teacher" im just a student who's learning and always make mistakes :P
if she has task sheets to mark..i'll surely get lots of "red marks". probably the weakest student ever but as i told my students before.never afraid making mistake..learn from it.
to my teacher..Miss Solehah..thank you..too bad you'll be leaving soon but insyallah there'll be a replacement. yes her friend..miss the class will go on.

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