Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Do GooD Week

people to meet and apologize
  1. Mr mansor for missing his children's wedding- called him but he's bn transferred to new office..called up and left a message.
  2. Aminah for rejecting her invitation many times-called her and going to her place on friday..mmmm what should i bring? home cooked meal? did some grocery shopping, so i think i do have idea what to cook-went to her place for lunch, brought Shepard pie. catched up..stayed for 2 hours then Khadijah called Aminah and she decided to join us. she arrived 1 hour later and started to gossip..so i had to excuse myself..SORRY GOssip girls..just not interested. a day after that, Aminah called me to inform that her hubby was hospitalised. few hours later, she updated that he's going thru a surgery because of heart complication. i rushed to the hospital to comfort her. Alhamdullllah everything went well. now, he's back at home (i dont even know his name) i pray for goodness for the family.
  3. Syarifah for missing Hamzah's bday- have to shop for present. books? -bought a sticker atlas book..i like it too but they only have one left :( and World Cup mag and 2 activity books for Nur and Faiz
  4. Balqis for not visiting her
  5. visit baby Abdul again :) - he was sleeping when i went to visit last time...i likeyyyyy baby Abdul..oh so COMEL
  6. proper meal with Leena not just pizza delivery
  7. congratulate Sulaiman for graduating from matrics-called him and said it
  8. my crazy "British" nieces and have a "girls outing"- need to get my books back. Nurul threaten to fold every pages of it just to annoy me.
  9. my cousin Ali and his wife- texted he'll be away this weekend, have to wait nxt week on school holidays..yes, going to have ice cream fiesta with them :)
  10. call my cousin Kassim, congratulate him on his coming wedding and ask what he want for present. done, be fetching him at the airport and his sis nd to do last minute shopping.. yes DOUBLE wedding for the family-Soleha decided to buy make up set for Kassim' bride but i advise him not to since she doesnt wear make up and he doesnt like her to wear make up. why wasting money..for the sake of "showing off" huh! hate it. the best part is HE AGREED WIT ME :)
  11. call Muna and congratulate on her new baby
  12. text Zahara and say..what's up! she replied my text and we exchanged text few times

(to be updated)

why i decided to "pay back" all those people? recently i was emotionally unstable and i isolated myself from others. i rejected invitations. i did not answer phone calls. i did not reply text. i became insensitive towards those around me...yes, those who care about me. i was unhappy and i tried to hide it from others. Alhamdulillah i'm back to my commonsense. i realised how selfish i was and i remembered that making people happy used to make me happy too. making people smiling gradually made me smiling too. So...i just have to keep on making people HAPPY...it always make me HAPPY...

i couldnt retrace all things that i've missed but at least i tried.

WELL DONE BULAN..everything will be okay..

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