Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Slingers said "You Very BAD"

we named ourselves the "slingers" although the word doesnt even exist. there were three of us..walking along the colourful street with our sling bangs on the shoulders. we did catch the people's attention in certain ways. these three most interesting "people" eating and chatting..laughing our heart out.

Me a.k.a ms freak..happily stuffing my fat face with food. Reena the TEFL tutor funnily imitating her foreign students' accent. " Bulan Very baaD".. while as usual, Harumi politely giggling at the remarks made.. Me..I very baD...suprisingly..our silly act caught some cute sweet could it be..;) wink * wink* why bother..just take it as a compliment..we are a bunch of crazy "slingers" anyway.


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