Monday, May 24, 2010

a Human and 2 Rabbits

Harumi will be in Singapore for 3 days.. Taheerah is on night shift so im taking care the babies for the time being. maybe till my assignment away from town in July onwards.

it's kindda sucks stucked here in this wee flat. Mahmood is back in the hometown for his sem break. lucky fella!!!

salleh just got a baby boy, named him Lokman. i called him after the baby was born. my little bro is now a dad. congratulations! to date im aunty B to 18 kids :)

while Hamdan was thinking to postpone his wedding but mom in the process of convincing him not to do so.. i have no idea why suddenly he said he was not ready yet. hope mom wont get stress out because of this. he's an adult. i asked mom to let him decide on his own. maybe brother zain could give him some advice.

Halimah was sick. The "cute face" was hospitalised for 3 days. poor girl...she sure does melt everyone's heart with her chatty nature. a polite girl who never failed to say please all the time. her tonsilitis is getting worse. i did advice my sister to arrange a surgery to remove it. i have to understand, juggling life alone with two tots is not easy. honestly, my heart bleeds knowing that she is treated unfairly. Halimah has been getting high fever constantly. it's not a good sign. the last time i talked to her was last 2 weeks. she proudly told me that she got her ears' pierced and i was planning to get earings for her and zakia. i think ill call her this weekend since she spends most of those two days at my mom's.

"You are my best aunty..i love you so much"
oh well...dont buy her!
she said to Mahmood that too
"You are my fave..that's why i want to ask you to buy the scooter for me"
Mahmood ended up going around the town and back with a cute blue scooter tied on his motorbike.
i miss "cute face" so much ;'(

maybe i'll ask mom when she's going to Salleh's place. perhaps i could drive 5 hours to his and get to see baby lokman and others too. been awhile since i drove that far. could ask Harumi, Farah and even Nuha to keep me company. but then Mama Aslam is in critical condition. im sure mom would not leave her close cousin at time like this. mom is always there for others, no matter how sick she is herself.

i love spending overnight at Salleh's. the air is fresh. i'll be waking up and breathe the sweet air. it smells good..feels good. could be a short weekend gateway. i think i could afford that.

prayers for everyone. may Allah blessed you all

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