Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh Who See!

"party all night long...." Ms Rahmah, my "small" boss was dancing and singing around the office. unfortunately i could only see her hands tossing around passing the cubicles. being vertically challenged make it hard for me to see her from far. Yet i adore her spirit. she's loud, full of energy compared to me who prefer to be silent in the end of the corner. oh well, i enjoy my own company sitting at the brightest and warmest place in the level.

all bosses are gone for a retreat..leaving most of us more than happy....like Ms Rahmah said...PARTY TIME... and me left "on call" glued to my chair..trying to write report in my native language while thinking in my second language. it's hard for me..i have to generate a translation machine in my brain...i dont think in my native language anymore..im comfortable with my second language..it's like everything has been translated to the language.

i was browsing thru some website trying to ease my agony after days listening to the same issue and trying to jot down all those craps properly. i need something to plug my ears with. i refused to on the radio since i found most of the content of the songs aired consist of obscene language. yes, i'm 18+ and grouped as a mature listener but still feeling uneasy. this morning i was listening to a radio station when the song start with..."i never seen your body..." gulp! what kindda of song is this? what's going on with the country's entertainment? dont people are sensitive about these anymore?

i always listen to the lyrics carefully which later i commented and give a full summary of the hidden meaning. "once i was listening to a song sang by a man.."....i could never be your women". yikes! this is a gay song...my friend ended up tunning to other song. sometimes...my nieces couldnt take it anymore and said " can we just listen to the song..and you stop analysing every single words.." i just couldnt help myself. language is my biggest interest especially poetry so..my brain tend to process it that way...not my fault..although the words do iritate me a lot. nowadays, i prefer to drive without the music. i just got sick of those lyrics which inappropriate most of the time. i tried to make sure i have a book with me..i read when stopping at the traffic lights..yess no kidding!!!

workin infront of pc all day long gives me chances to browse the internet from time to time. with just few clicks i ended up listening to some nasheed online. we couldnt download anything from the net. so this website is good enough. i put my headphone on and click the listen icon.

hey..this one sound familiar..i have no blinking idea what does it mean but it does sooth my mood..i think i heard this before..where?
then i remembered ....i've listent to it many many times but never think of looking for the meaning. shame on me.. :'(

so, coming home...i just had to cure my curiousity..after cooking some "express" tofu soup..i ended up browsing the youtube with my dinner on the table. i was slurping the yummy soup and preeching to Harumi. she stood there joining me for dinner and tried to comprehend what i was saying..oh well..i hope she could bear with me..she's a great listener..a good company. i just couldnt shut my mouth, talking about my new discovery.had to keep on analysing the lyrics :)

so this is..viola! it's about mosquitos but with implicit meaning which does reflect on myself. yes..who cares about the mosquitos...i do care about the creator though! yes..HIS magnificient creation are amazing. i am created and my decrees have been writen, the ink already dried...
yes..Ya Man Yara..forgive me..i failed most of the time..fortunately, i have HIM leading me again.

Oh! who see the mosquito spread its wings
In the darkness of the black night

And see its vein in its upper chest
And the brain in these thin bones

And see blood running in its jugular vein
Moving from one joint to another

Forgive me For what I have previously done
And see the embryo nurturing inside it

In the darkness of its innards without looking
And see its footsteps

In its quick and rushing movements
And see and hears other beings

In the bottom of the dark and huge sea
Forgive me For what I have previously done

this lyrics made me realised that i had to do something and alhamdulillah i did it...now im feeling much more calm.

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