Monday, May 24, 2010

I am married to a CHICKEN

i couldnt sleep last fact it's been three nights..i was feeling all excited. the amazing fact is..i dont think i have reasons to be all that excited..the same old jobs..same perfectly sure that im not "sugar high" and totaly caffeine-free too. nothing much worries me.. it was 3 am something when i finally fell asleep.

then i realised im in another world..a world of cartoon maybe. i dint really recognise the faces but things happened in the situation was pretty much bizarre, so that's why i am very sure that it's a dream. it was fun though. i think someone proposed to me. i was a cute, nice, polite and lovely female character. wait...i was petite (hahahaha) then a male character proposed to me. he was nice. i couldnt really see his face at first. then as the process of getting married started..i was closer to see his face.

Guess..who's my "knight in shinning armour " was ? it was not so clear.. it's a night of full moon. all i could see was a shadow of the super version of chicken little..which is Ace, saying " dont call me chicken little"
what who was me? must be the duck.. ABBY..yes Abby Mallard, the gapped teeth, ugly yet smart duckling...

thinking about this..i definitely agreed that the sky is falling. it's a NIGHTMARE !!! luckily..i woke up early for fajr and decided to go back to sleep for another one hour after completing my prayer..

i ended up dreaming of taking a holiday with my backpack on my back..i stopped by at a store to buy a pair of slippers because i lost mine. disastrously, i met my Boss, Dr Fatimah with her niece doing some shopping. she asked me lots of question. i finally grabbed a magazine and walked barefooted away from the row of shop houses...along the way i decided to cancel my holiday..hey..the weekend is over. IT's MONDAY!!!!

yes..i woke up extremely late.. IT IS MONDAY..crapsss

again.."THE SKY IS FALLING"..thanks to my speeding skill.. i reached the office before 830 am. i am safe for the day.

what an odd night to experience.

Snap it Bulan..too much of'll go CraWzzzzY

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