Monday, May 17, 2010

THe SpY NexT FLooR

come here, you!
who me?
i heard you've done've sent a man to jail
i was...what?
what have i done?
i'm not even done with last month's work.
dont give me that blur look
you've made Ruvue in trouble.

Ruvue, the attachment officer from the Bluee planet?
now the ministry is conducting a thorough investigation.
you'll be the main witness.

Ruvue is a new officer attached to my department. he's here on a collaboration project between Greeno planet and Bluee planet. we are trying to make an MOU on creating safer galaxy. i remembered i went to meet him last month with the intention to prepare a report on Bluee defence ministry. i had to catch up with my dear friend Sammo.. missing outings with him recently. So i took the stairs up to next floor. saying hi to Sammo, had a lil bit updates and i was off meeting Mr Ruvue. he seems like a friendly guy who proudly telling me all about his planet. yes..he's definitely proud of his roots. who couldnt be proud of a place like that.

everything is blue..even the leaves. i went there for backpacking during my college years and ended up liking the blue tea which taste more like mint tea. People are friendly there. they like to dance and sing a lot. just like in Bollywood movies on earth except that those dancing creatures are blue. yet they wrapped their bluish bodies with colourful cloth.'s so's like blue is not the colour of "sadness".

i hope those people on planet earth see that blue doesnt associate Sorrow. gosh! i nearly punch my fellow human classmate during a class debate on metaphor in Romanticism..yes..all those metaphor created by dead human beings who never been to the Bluee planet. Blue is wonderful, just like green..except i'm too synonym with green and prefer to stay greenish. duh! i was born green..surrounded by lovely green things, tighted up with green loves.

remember Avatar? the box office in 2009 set in Pandora among the Navi.. there's a town named Pandorue and the Navue actually lived in the southern part of Bluee. but i think the film is exaggerating. they dont have tails..and plus they wear clothes..lovely silk. my cousin Sandue is a mix bred..her mom is a Greeno and pop is a Bluee Navue and they live in the Bluee capital...100 miles from Pandorue. i yet to visit them at their new place. i heard that everybody is adapting well there.

back to my case..

Dont you feel worried?
why should i?
this creature never really have that worried look..just the blur look.
the police might ask you questions and you'll be a suspect.
its okay..i did my facial..a green tea facial plus broccoli..these two new revolution in cosmetics are believed to make us more glowing...hahaha
okay..i failed to make you worried.
why should i....SUDDENLY MY LIFE BECAME MORE INTERESTING... i shouted my lungs out and while making my way to the ladies..thanks to the unlimited green tea that filling my bladder, a good excuse to stay away from Mr Zozo the Green Bozo :O

the next few days...colleagues approached me and gave me all sorts of tips on "HOW To disguise myself"..some are giving me crazy ideas:

BUY a new spaceship...make it blue, well, i like my green one just fine and i love to save more money and travel to Mars a.k.a the red planet. yes my human friends are busy talking about it. they will envy me since i could stay alive with no oxygen..ohh i love being alien..sorry humans, keep sending those robots or what you called satelite..truth is you'll never set your foot on MARS! who might catch my pics..grining Greeeeenn!!! :)

some of them even asked me to change my blue..means that i have to dye my body blue..yikes. dont like that blue+green..i think i'll look like a grey jellyfish..btw, are jellyfish grey? not sure.we dont have one here..
jelly + fish..yucks!!! my imagination is running wild..STOP! i only eat fresh greens..err frogs are excluded.

Most of these creature have no commonsense.
my director called me one day and reminded me to be extra caution. aaarggghhh i enjoy breathing my.. my.. freedom. now i have to be extra careful. its like there'll be war within these two planets. perhaps i should wear a blue paper bag with two holes plus another hole to breathe so that nobody recognise me.

i hate to create a scene. honestly i dont mean to trouble anybody. just happened that i ended up revealing a document full of classified information that mr Ruvue gathered from my department. the worst part is..he uploaded it online. technically, he's the one that should be kick out of the planet. he could be a threat to us..the Greenos.
crapsss!!!! i was the one who found it..he gave me the website. the Bluee Creatures could just locate me with their satelite..and im done..could be turned into coleslaw..with extra greens..interesting yet pathethic.

after 2 weeks of worries i'm pretty much relieved because nobody talk a lot about it anymore except my senior Mr. Zozo who constantly teasing me for being too "naive"..."blur" "outer space".
i didnt give much thoughts on it..i do my work..i come on time..i dont say bad words..
that old green folk is just not that important to me.

today my boss called me and whispered to me
"just consulted me".
i was like..what?
the blue case.
ooo its not over yet?
it's getting more serious my dear.
do they know ME?
DARN!!! i should be famous by now

Hello..i deserve a praise here..a promotion perhaps ;) a scholarship to do research in other planet will be accepted plus extra allowance for sunscreen....other planets are so much polluted..thanks to human's error..

huh..some people are just craving for cheap attention.
get a life are so "attention seeker"

i wonder when the press will come and interview me and the paparazzi are all around me?
"THE SPY NEXT FLOOR starring Najeeno the Greeno's superstar" coming soon in cinema near you.

snap it Green!, you are just another green alien no greener than others!!!
now go to bed...

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