Monday, May 24, 2010

Lamenting AGAIN & AGAIN ...duh!

my father named me SUCCESS. He longed to see me being successful. my father said that i am "nice". a remark that touches my heart since i dont think i did much to make him proud..yes i'm always sit in the corner, gazing at the globe, reading and writing. now i realised i am him.

i met interesting people along my journey. some of them stays..others choose different path. i jumped and laughed at times...cried and screamed too. i lost my love ones... two dear friends went away without saying good bye. i was torn apart but accept it as Allah wanted me to be. oh, "how i could not stop for death".

i went through the years penniless..striving my life...working days and nights..sacrificing my social life. i have met lots of acquaintance but few friends. i was happily occupied with routine. thus, i did envy my friends who could just hang out and sipping drinks at cafe while i had to go to bed at 10pm so that i could wake up at 3am to study. i was thinking, it must be wonderful to withdraw money by the end of the month without juggling 3 jobs a day, 7 days a week. how fun it would be to ride the roller coaster on weekend. However, i couldnt afford it. no new fancy gadget.

one day i cried my heart 3 months old printer literally broken into pieces. a shelf with heavy items fell on to it...oh, how could i afford a new printer. i bought it before i left my job. yes purposely for my study. allahmdullilah i managed to get some translation job which i invested all of it to buy a new printer. the one that i used till graduated.

okay..that's more lamenting my past...sound dodgy enough

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