Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BuLaN is....

i hate it when i have a lot to write and dont know what to write first and i end up not writing anything..or worse...writing junks like this..lets write something briefly,what's going on with my life now?
still stuck in a job that i x really favour
still staying at the same my family's flat for free, with my super nice housemate, Harumi and a bro who comes home only whenever he wanted..
the two rabbits are still with me but i need to give it to Taheerah by next weekend. hey, it's a shared custody LOL plus i'll be off to collect data for an international study.
but then, how am i suppose to drive up north for more 300KM alone. sicko..I HATE DRIVING.
so my solution is to take my "super cool" housemate Harumi..and invited my "super nice" niece. hahaha, so it's going to be a road trip after all. i'll be leaving two days earlier...hahaha, talking for not being late. actually i'll be stopping at an old friend's house on the way to collect my first data. i'll be around the state for 4 days and off to my hometown. so, it's going to be another 300+ KM. i'll be having a "meeting" to sit and discuss about upcoming event. while im there, i need to submit whatever forms, letters needed for the event. looking forward for it BUT my stay will not be purely holiday. i'll be working. collecting data in two different locations in two days..and back to where i'm residing now... so be back in office by 5 August...will have a lunch with my workmates..that i needed to arrange before off to north..yikes! my boss keeps on changing date..
so i guess that's about it. the updates on bulan's life.
wait, i forgot to mention earlier we went for HIV test yesterday..negative, so time to proceed with the next step..Insyallah things will be as we wanted it to be :P pray hard for it.
however, IT'S GOOD TO END SUCH RAMBLINGS WITH HAPPY THOUGHTS..dont u simply love happy ending? well..I DO

i think..i'll hit the bed with my book n..of course warm milk :)


  1. taking harumi n Salehah..hate driving..going to be 1000+ KM