Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SchooL No 1

today is my second day in Alor Setar. i went to 2 schools to administer the test. the students were great, teachers too. i'm feeling like an important person when the driver picked me every morning from the hotel and an officer would surely accompanied me each day. well, thanks.

yesterday was what i called a "professional" treatment and i was pretty much grateful for that. the officer who accompanied me approached me at the lobby and carried my "test" box. it was not that heavy but hey..i had to push a heavy load trolley down the basement back in my division with no help.so, i was glad to have someone to do that for me. hehehe. the principal welcome me and left me with the senior assistant. she helped me to distribute the booklet to the students and i excused her to leave me invigilating the test. nothing much to be done..i just sat there and walked around once awhile. the state officer left for another school to do his task. i was more than happy to be left alone.

i had no problem with the students except that some of the items in the questionnaire which confused some of them. 12.30 pm, i was all ready, packed my "box" and there, the state officer came to "pick" me. LOL..the driver was not in sight..i went to the office to collect the questionnaire from the principal, unfortunately...she's not in the office.

"madam...please join me for lunch in the school canteen"
yikes! me? madam? hahaha..my boss used to yell my name BULANnnnnn..whenever she dint see me lingering around..
i was having lunch while the driver arrived and joined us.
"where is the questionnaire?" the principal had not completed the questionnaire. great! 4 hours and i had to wait more.
so there was me with the principal, Senior assistant..talking about schools, students, teachers and education system..wow, i am a "pro" after all :)
"when is this lady going to stop talking?
she went on and on..complaining about teachers. huh! once i interrupted her by saying," maybe, you are giving so much pressure to your teachers..perhaps lessen their workload will improve their performance".
of course she was defending herself.
well, i couldnt say more because i never been a part of the school community after all. i had to agree to some of her points.
it's sad to know some teachers have no interest in teaching at all. to be a teacher, ones need to have the "soul". teacher is a friend, mother, father, sister. dont call yourself a teacher if you never worried about a student's life. i think a teacher will never blame a student for failing, he/she should reflect on the teaching..trying to figure out if the student is having other problem...before labeling them plain lazy

to the teachers, students of SchooL No 1..thank you
and of course mr driver 1 and mr state officer 1

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