Wednesday, July 28, 2010

SchooL no 3

the school was super quiet..amazing! in fact this is the second "peaceful" school i ever entered.. the first one was the school near by flat..which i went to with the intentention of carrying my m.ed research but was rejected by the principal with the reason that i might disturb the teaching & learning process..(no wonder...)

back to school no i immediately could assume what culture the school has. however, the principal is a bubbly and cheerful lady. the senior assistant is an efficient Lady..i repeat's a girls school and i think 90% of the population, including staffs are female. i was informed that the school has a god academic record. so, no wonder..everything seemed to be neatly organized.

officer no 1 was with me for less than 30 minutes and i was glad for that. a teacher came to accompany me to the test room. all 29 nervous looking girls were waiting for me. it took me less than 10 minutes to briefly explain about the test. the teacher helped me to distribute the booklets, so things went really smooth. she looked surprised when i told her to leave me with the students and she could just continue doing her work.

"do you want to wait here for 2 hours?" i said, "yes..that's why i'm here". make me wonder, what is so weird about that. i was there to administer the test so..i'm supposed to sit in the room and wait for the students to finish it..rite?

yes, nothing to i took my novel out. i'm not sure whether that was rite or not..but come to think about's better than leaving them with their own doesnt seem valid..mmmm
the test started 10 minutes earlier, so it finished 10.50 am. the students went for their break and be in the room again by 1020.

the teacher came and invited me for a, just what i was thinking last night..chicken rice. yummy. the principal joined us later but i had to excuse myself to start the questionnaire part. easy ..some students completed it very fast and less questions asked compared to the previous schools.

12.20pm..i was all packed to go back to hotel..well, not after meeting the principal for the school questionnaire. there she was..checking the well-typed answers..impressive! then she went on and on about education..and started to ask issues related to educational policy after knowing that i am from the policy unit..o..o please dont ask me questions on specific education system..even worse, asking questions based on education act. i havent mastered anything...i nearly choked...luckily i just knew how to look smart...hahahaha. my brain is full of my honey star said.."your brain is like a zoo". yes rite! somehow i managed to prove there's a tiny faculty of sensible knowledge in this "zoo" :P

my ride was on time and i reached the hotel earlier than before.

a phrase to describe my day GIRLS RULE!!!!

my writing is full of spelling, grammatical mistake..sorry, i'll get back to it later. just need to record it at the moment before the animals in the "zoo" eating all those memory..i need to sleep early. tomorrow be another prestigious school. well, that i was told.

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