Friday, July 9, 2010

Wake UP SLeePy HeaD!!!

i hate it when feeling sleepy and all those is friday and im totally excited thinking..yeah tomorrow i gotta..mmm..what i'll be doing?
ok..let me list down, just to kill this sleepiness.
  1. i NEED to dust the fan..freaking DusTy-DONE
  2. mop the floor-DONE
  3. dust the shelves-DONE
  4. clean the fridge..trash away all those expired stuff :P-DONE..well, Harumi did it
  5. let the rabbits out-DONE, but at the laundrette only
  6. wash my clothes-DONE
  7. iron working clothes for next week
  8. call Taheerah and have a SPA-ing date?-she's out of the town for the weekend
  9. fold the dried clothes-DONE
  10. organise my bookshelf-A BIT
  11. cook lemon chicken..hahahahah just came into my mind-DONT FEEL LIKE EATING IT
  12. go to Nadia's in Cheras and pick up the cookies
  13. change my bedsheet-DONE
  14. wash the curtain-DONE
  15. light the aromatherapy candle
  16. on the salt mineral lamp
  17. plant new plants
  18. take the rabbits for walk
  19. wash the rabbits' feet
  20. clean the rabbits
  21. read my book
  22. do some revision..tajweed alert!!!
  23. call up Leena for drinks?

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