Wednesday, July 7, 2010

BuLan needs to do REVISION

i'm starting my lesson again next week..yippie. all excited but i need to do revision. i think i'll go gogo gaga again..adoi!

after sister solehah back to her varsity i couldnt get any replacement. too bad, sister jannah couldnt teach me and only told me the very last minute when i was expecting her to come over in less than 3 hours. owwwh..i was all set, waiting eagerly for my new teacher.

sister solehah was not informed about the cancellation as well. i contacted her and she promised to find a new replacement. she felt responsible to get a new teacher for me. she's such a god and knowledgeable young lady. i respected her as a teacher although she is far more younger than me. she's so adorable and surprisingly, she is an anime fan. Sometimes, she stayed for a while after lesson to chat with Harumi about Japan or just to play with the rabbits. well..a girl is always a girl.

i missed my lesson for a week and now that i got new replacement again. her name is Noura. i havent met her, i just called her and talked to her over the phone. sister solehah recommended her. im glad that it dint take that long for me to start again.

i was a bit frustrated before since im unable to continue the lesson immediately for it's's time of the month anyway..still sister solehah would come and we had general discussion on certain topic..either my choice or hers. gosh! i did ask lots of questions..hahaha. she never hesitated to give answers.

i think i was doing not so well but at least im catching up and Alhamdulillah i finished 1st juzuk..still lots of mistake..hey, im learning. and glad to learn again after putting it on hold for long time. i always like learning and studying...guess what, Harumi is joining me too. she could learn to read the Quran easier since she already familiar with the characters. she really enjoy it...we do! we like to discuss the translation with sister solehah as well. she tried her best to interpret the meaning and give brief but clear explanation

here i am..back to a very basic..which is could be better than writing a boring educational thesis :P

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