Monday, July 12, 2010


i'm not a big fan of milk especially powdered milk. fresh is good but it's a bit expensive and always goes stale in my fridge. lazy lazy me :P

honestly, the reason for me to drink milk was to get ready for pregnancy in the future although at that time i didnt even receive any proposal. now, i'm sticking to the same reason.

i got this idea that when a mother is pregnant, the baby is taking all the calcium it needs to build bones from her. so the mother needs to have sufficient calcium intake for herself and plus the baby...and then when the mother doesnt have enough calcium for lil will "suck" (a very intriguing word) whatever it needs from mommy's bones..including teeth..ouch. can you imagine that? bad bad lil baby...poor big mommy but she'll sacrifice for the sake of lil baby..

hey, i hate going to a dentist, let alone having toothache. the worst is that the mother cant just go to the dentist and pull her teeth she must bear with it till lil baby has enough calcium for itself...
i dont know if this is true or not but it's good to take precaution..milk is always good for us..pregnant or not. saying..DRINK MILK NOW...NO REGRET!


  1. i don't like milk.. but magnolia's latest morning n night milk is really really yummeh.. give it a try okay? :)

  2. thx ajjah..
    i'll try it soon. let say..tomorrow?

  3. hey u... i saw thanks for leaving some comment there.

    hey.. milk is very good for muscle. and growing muscle is good for healthy weight loss. bcus muscle will do fight the fat.

    OMG.. im lecturing u on a weight loss?!

  4. hey 2 u 2 far3hah. you got it rite :) i was a milk freak when i was living in NZ.the milk is really really fresh there. taste good. i was on diet and lost bit advice. protein diet. suits me the best but can only stick on it for 3 months..10kg worth trying