Friday, July 2, 2010

I donct KNOW bulan feling so ..i couldnt describe what. im feeling like typing some words in the blog but im have no blinking idea wat to write ...nothing much to write..but i just wanted to write..seeing letters turning into words...sentences..paragraphs's just wonderful. yes, i am totally a "wrriten-stuff" freak. i read like crazy..i write crazy stuff..i think i have so much words..thoughts going on in my brain. it's not that i have no chance to say it but it need not to be just glad that im not so much of a talker..let them call me a "mute"..who cares..i dont go and bitching about's just me and my so-called-life...

i think i the laptop and settle with a good book..dint feel like watchin tv or talking today..aaaaa..enuf!


  1. Gosh... haha no not on this entry.. do u know I've been reading your posts from the latest one going backwards, and am taking a break here a bit. HAhahaa Interesting, really, and amazing u just blurted out what I feel all these time (different situation of course). So glad to have u drop a comment in my blog earlier, so I am having a good time reading here.

    *some pages up here have malware virus, so I skipped some parts, only. I hope. :D:D

  2. no glider been reading my ancient blog..thanks..i wonder how did the malware attack me..perhaps i need to activate my blog glider..JJ is my follower * doing the happy dance* love ya
    an ispiration to write again..