Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SchooL No 2

there i was at the lobby waiting for my lift and like i guessed they were late. gosh! i hate it when they said "Malaysian time" hello! what do you mean by "Malaysian time"? i thought we are from the same time zone. grow up..stop using such excuse for being late.

finally the state department SUV parked at the front entrance. there were driver 2 and officer 2. the officer got down from the SUV and carried my "box". then, we went to the school no 1 which slightly out of the town, a rural school. we had to pass the small crowded road till we arrived in a quieter small road. i could see the vegetable farms along the small road. a scenery that i definitely missing in my recent life.

my mobile rang and it was the school coordinator in school no 2. i had no choice but to apologise for being late, yes i promised him to be there by 8..now..it's 845...it was almost 9 when we reached the school. officer no 2 asked the driver to carry the "box" up to the office. what? there he was talking non stop. bla bla bla

the senior assistant turned to be his old colleague. so there they were "catching up" i was almost shouting "HEY..i have job here!" but of course i dint..i handed the school questionnaire to the senior assistant since the principal was not around. he was about to pass the booklet to another teacher..then, i had to say that he had to answer it...mmm..honestly, im not sure he really complete it by himself or not.

back to my story, i was leaving the office and about to carry my "box" when officer 2 told me..let the school assistant carry that. i was surprised...hey the box was not heavy at all. cant you just carry that and i could start my work. what a waste of time..so two school asistant came to carry that one box. hahaha.

lucky enough to see the students all ready with their stationary but i had to instruct them to go and get their calculator from the class. the school coordinator was really helpful. helping distributing the booklets which took some time since each students were assigned different booklet.

the test started...and suddenly officer no 2 appeared out of nowhere, inviting me for breakfast. i declined the invitation since i had my dinner at 7.15 "my time". he was persuasive..i told him i need to invigilate the test. "dont be so tight..just leave it to the coordinator" i almost argued with him..then the school coordinator approached me and said, "just go madam..it's an honoured". so i said okay.

i was restless in the canteen. i sipped the tea and excused myself. hurgh.what a relief. it's not about being afraid to bent the rule..but it's my responsibility. i'm paid monthly..and this is part of my job. before i left the canteen, officer 2 constantly asking me if i wanted to eat durian or not. i told him no thanks..i'm not a great fan of the torny fruit after all. he insisted.."whatever..just tell me that you are the one who wanted to eat the fruit" i left him and back to the test room. i told the school coordinator to leave me with the students.

officer no 2 was out of the side..so i could just do my work without people ridicule me for being too "discipline"..what a dork!
after the last session..when i was giving some students extra time to complete their questionnaires..officer 2 appeared out of no where..again with his durian agenda. i told him i had to stay and wait for the students to finally done...

then..lunch time, 3 other teachers joined us plus the driver. so there were the durians..i had some and of course officer 2 had more. he was dozing all the way back..

huh..what a scum! i'm glad to know that he wont be accompanying me tomorrow. honestly, i dont need any "escort"..just a lift forth and back to the schools..i'm fine with that..

to the students..well done! some of them tried their best to complete the questionnaires :)
although i think..it was not right for the senior assistant to tell them that...those good ones will be sent to australia for next PISA project..i hate it when adults are making fun of the innocent kids.

hope tomorrow be better..

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