Friday, July 23, 2010


tomorrow i'll be heading north..not looking forward to it but..i do look forward to go to school AGAIN!
i love a teacher :)

i cant imagine driving that far..the furthest i ever drove was from Kota tinggi to Machang which is around 608km in 11 hours. it was like driving from Singapore up to Thailand. NO took such hours to reach my hometown and i would normally get so tired once i arrived. the worst part was..feeling like i was still driving even in my sleep. huh!
i said to myself, "there's no way im driving that far again.. alone with no co-driver just "sleeping partners"!!!".
but it's happening tomorrow. im taking 2 "sleeping partners" somehow i do hope that they take turns to sleep. at least one will keep me entertained..

luckily, my research will be assisted by the state department officer and they'll provide a driver to take me to the four schools..meaning i dont have to cramp my head with all those routes and getting lost in the middle of nowhere. hey, suddenly, i'm feelin like an important person. LOL, truth is im nobody, just had to push a trolley full of research materials down to the basement..almost stuck between the heavy door..yikes!
maybe i am after all, being stuck in the office frozen my time to go out and melt it...just to the normal activate those precious brain cells that almost die in the cold air-conditioned 10 storeys building..

i need to sleep now..i have a long journey..let see..perhaps 400+ KM to drive..
highway could be boring!

not much of editing done to the map. i am lousy in this pic editing :P

Kajang-Kulim-Alor Setar-Grik-Machang-Kajang
total KM
372 + 108 + 144 + 158 + 391
approximately 1173KM

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