Monday, July 5, 2010

A Garden, Chicken and Sheep

Before i start to blog on the topic related to ..a garden, chicken and sheep, i wanted to stress that this blog post is NOT about the Farmville Obsession in Facebook. I'm not a big fan of Facebook and NEVER get involved with Farmville. I have nothing against the craze..being a private person, i found that facebook-ing is so un-private..but i do browse friend's page. hahaha..i guess i am the facebook stalker after all.. LOL :P bad2 girl !

okay..back to my Garden, Chicken and goes like this..

When you are feeling all blue and must think of things that make you happy or perhaps people that make you happy. At this very own time. All I could think is the flowers that blooming. Yes I planted new plants in the office. So that’s keeping me all excited to come to office. Not that super excited but enough to keep me going. Friends said that im just not born a gardener at all. The plants that I tried to plant seem to die in less than 5 months.

I never gave up. I ‘m not opening a plant nursery so nothing to worry about. I like to see the flowers blooming from the tiny seeds. It’s amazing how it grows. It’s like a magic when those plants come out from the soil. It doesn’t take that long for it to grow. In some cases…it only took a day. Planting a plant is somehow has its ups and downs. Call it lucky or whatever you please. The plants might just stop growing and seeing a plant dies is not a good experience. I always sad to see it dying and most of the time, I would try to save it. I agreed that it takes some knowledge to determine the right soil, lighting, water or even the right plants to grow. Where and when...

I’m a good example of a pure amateur gardener. Some people advised me to just quick planting flowers. They said I have “warm hands”which resulted to the plants dying. Whatever. I like keeping the world green plus some colour here and there. Unlike some people who couldn’t be other about planting trees yet have the guts to complain about global warming.

I have no blinking idea what plant this one should be...just wait and see

Acalypha hispida or better known as "cat's tail" plant in my country

Unfortunate enough for me to realize that sometimes my plants failed to survive no matter how careful I was…sometimes it does grow and you could see me smiling and grinning of satisfaction. It’s a huge accomplishment to me. Im better with the greens. Just those flowers need lots of sunlight and living in a small flat is a disadvantage.

The only sunny place is the launderette, even though it’s just for few hours in the morning. That’s okay for the greens but not sunny enough for the flowers. I used to have pink flowers at the small “balcony” but I don’t know why it’s stop producing more flowers. Huh….im not happy with that. Flowers always make me happy and im trying again and again.

Owwh... I do wish to live in a house with a small garden where I could spend time just planting and admiring the plants. Being a homely person. A garden definitely one of my biggest wishes. Last week, I had a dream. I was in a location which I think a farm but not a big one. Maybe a house at countryside with extra space for me to keep some farm animals. I was feeding the chickens. I could see a sheep...a white fluffy sheep. I was happy but I wonder why I don’t have cat with me. I love cats but yet I don’t have one. Mmmm…I do have rabbits now but that’s all I could squeeze in the tiny flat.

Better than nothing…

Could my dream of Garden and farm be classified as“escapism” from this unfavorable job?

i think adding some geese in my "little farm" will be a good idea

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